How We Think About Elections & Investment Decisions

Each time a U.S. presidential election approaches, we revisit with clients our views about the impact on our investment outlook and portfolio positioning. Here is a quick review of how we think about elections in general within the context of our overall investment approach.



Elections matter, but not so much to your investments

There can be a lot of anxiety about our financial situations surrounding elections, particularly in such a divisive election year. Listening to the media often fuels our anxious behavior. However, a look through history may calm our fears. Review Vanguard’s data comparing portfolio returns during the election and non-election years and the election result impact to the markets.

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Stay the Course: There’s a Cost to Timing the Market

In a volatile environment like the one we find ourselves in today, some investors want to take action just to take action. It can definitely make people feel better. But oftentimes in investing, that’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

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